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Beauty and Health

Model: BioAqua
Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream - Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Face Cream & Moisturizer increases moisture in the skin and strengthens the skin's barrier so that it better retains moisture. It is a very effective anti-aging product – it rejuvenates, smooths and softens your skin. The oil is deriv..
Ex Tax:₦5,000.00
Model: Baby curl
Baby curl Human hair12 inches long ..
Ex Tax:₦25,000.00
Model: 2-in-1 Isner Mile
Feature:1. Facial oil for grooming beards and mustaches.2. Blend of organic hydrating oils.3. Helps achieve a softer, smoother beard.4. Works to nourish itchy, dry and flaky skin.5. Grape Seed Oil helps prevent and treat acne.6. Helps smooth and strengthen facial hair.7. Leaves hair feeling softer a..
Ex Tax:₦6,200.00
Model: Berries
Berries weekend Perfume 100ML..
Ex Tax:₦5,000.00
Model: Chanel
Bleu De Chanel 100MLPerfume ..
Ex Tax:₦5,000.00
Model: Oil perfume
Luxurious and masculine with woody noted of sandalwood, ceder and vetiver wrapped in gentle green orange blossom...
Ex Tax:₦6,000.00
Model: Bouncy
Bouncy curl Human hair 14 inches long ..
Ex Tax:₦55,000.00
Model: Oil perfume
She slowly draws you in with her floral jasmine top note and packs a mean punch with her woody base notes. Very suitable for closed working environment. ..
Ex Tax:₦6,000.00
Model: Curly
Curly hairHuman hair16 inches long ..
Ex Tax:₦27,000.00
Model: 70g 18inch wig
Chemical fiber curtain body wig factory direct Europe and America wig high temperature silk curtain spot one generation hair curtain wig. Very good for Africa temperature with slight wight and one touch beauty on Africa women. four(4) pieces for #10,000 a good price for a good product. #2,500 per on..
Ex Tax:₦2,500.00
Model: Double drawn
Super double drawn Human hair14 inches ..
Ex Tax:₦36,000.00
Model: Oil perfume
It is actual perfume elements and extracts in oil fragrances are far more concentrated than those in standard alcohol-based eau de toilettes and perfumes.Its the raw oil fragrance companies use in making vaporized perfumes.. it last longer (up to 2-3days) because its is in oil form and concentrated...
Ex Tax:₦6,000.00
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