Solars and Inverters

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1.5KVA hybrid Luminous Inverter

Luminous Solar 1500 VA is a powerful hybrid inverter with 40 Amp inbuilt charge Controller. It is In..


150watts MS Mono Solar panel

High modules conversion efficiency. Guaranteed Positive Output Tolerance (0-3%). Withstand high ..


200watts MS Mono Solar Panel

FEATURES     Easy and flexible installation for various applications   ..


250w/24V MS Solar Panel

- IP65 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low press..


3KVA/24V Mpower Inverter

Capacity (VA/Watts): 3000/2400 Battery voltage 24V        ..


5KVA/48V Mpower Inverter Battery

Capacity (VA/Watts): 5000/4800 Battery voltage 24V        ..


Mpower 1.45KVA/24V Mpower Inverter

Specifications. Battery Voltage 24V Battery Capacity 100-200ah Full Charge Voltage 14.4 &pl..


Mpower 12V/200Ah Inverter Battery

This is a Pure Lead Acid rechargeable battery based on the Lead-Lead Dioxide systems. The battery ha..

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